About Us


DASHABOUT SHUTTLE COMPANY AND ROADRUNNER EXPRESS strives to provide safe, convenient and reliable transportation to the general public but especially to the rural communities deprived of virtually any reasonably priced or conveniently scheduled transportation service to and from major cities, local marketing, medical, education and entertainment centers as well as towns en route. This statement remains unchanged.

DASHABOUT SHUTTLE COMPANY was founded in 1980 by Valera Lea Holtorf, a Northeastern Colorado rancher's wife and the mother of three boys. Her only background in public transportation was as a frequent passenger in the U. S. as well as in Europe especially Spain.

Living and studying in Spain as a young woman for approximately 10 years, she became well acquainted with the public transportation of that country. In the cities it consisted of well organized metro buses, trams, subways and trains. The means of visiting the rural communities, seeing the castles and other sites of interest to a small town country girl, were somewhat less organized, but effective nonetheless. The trips were colorful since one usually traveled with local folks taking goods, including small animals, to and from larger villages with central market places. Willing to travel the system, on their terms, afforded the passenger, Ms. Holtorf, with many wonderful opportunities to see the country, know the people, speak the language, and visit remote, historical and scenic sites.

Upon retuning to Colorado, marrying a rancher and raising a family, her interest in travel was satisfied by working with a friend, part time, in her travel agency. It was apparent from the vantage point of a professional and a mother that rural transportation reads for people with "out" personal cars and city driving skills was most inadequate.

When the transcontinental bus lines decided to eliminate all rural connections except for those along the interstate highway system, it became critical that someone do something!.

Unsuccessful attempts to convince others, far more qualified to manage a rural transportation network in her view, only served to galvanize her resolve to do it someway, somehow.

Leaving out the colorful goods including small animals, keeping the effectiveness of the Spanish system, adapting it to the vast distances involved, selecting the name of Dashabout, which is what would be required, and doing it her way (the only way it could work) the system became a reality. Over the years it has expanded to cover northeastern Colorado and most of Nebraska.

To defeat rural isolation with the help of the urban, airport commuter is the present mission of the Company.