Dashabout's expansion plans require a pool of drivers that meet high standards. Company vehicles consist of Chrysler minivans and maxi-vans. Wheelchair accessible vans are ramped vans only.


Full time, 25 to 75 years of age. Must have excellent motor vehicle records and excellent health. Non-smokers. Must be reliable. Must be clean mentally and physically, willing to comply with dress codes and physical appearance standards. Must be proficient in the English language, know their city and its amenities; but above all they must enjoy people, and serving them.


Part time. 35 to 65 years of age. Non-smokers. Self-starters. Must have excellent motor vehicle records and very good health. Must know the roads and the driving conditions of their region in all kinds of weather. Semi-retired drivers preferred with a desire to serve their community and the people in the surrounding communities. Financial expectations should be to supplement their retirement income only. Personal satisfaction derived by service to their passengers, seeing the changing countryside, and continuing to use their driving skills.

FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES ARE BEING CONSIDERED. Ground floor incentives and chance to formulate policy. Present proposals in writing.